Thermal saline waters

Thermal saline waters

Saline water withdrawal in Geotermia Grudziądz is based on drawingof rich underground deposits of chloride and sodium waters. Saline at  an approximate temperature of 40 degrees and salinity up to 8% is usedthanks to its curative properties for balneological purposes, as well as recreation. A wide range of services off ered by Grudziądz salines makes that there is something for everyone

Europe?s only pyramid with the graduation tower is used for inhalationwith aerosol made from natural saline, rich in diverse mineral composition, including iodine and bromine. It is used not only in conditionsof general exhaustion of the body, but fi rst of all in treatment of the upper respiratory tract and hypertension, contributing also to improvement of the immunological system. Specialists researching the local salt waters confi rmed that absorption of valuable minerals and iodine for 45 minutes of inhalation in the pyramid equals one day spent at the seaside.

For those who enjoy bathing, Geotermia Grudziądz off ers relaxation in its complex of swimming pools and saunas, which features four swimming pools with varied salt concentration, off ering baths to both children and adults. Every swimming pool can be distinguished by something unique including counter-fl ow, lifting roof and power shower. Children can take advantage of safe, shallow wading pool with low-concentration salt water. Baths in saline are recommended for people suff ering from rheumatoid and orthopedic diseases, as well as for those who fi ght acne and cellulite.

This professional RV park known as ?Camperpark? is adjusted to recreation vehicles. It attracts caravan fans from many parts of Europe. Starting from 2009, Geotermia Grudziądz has been organizing regular rallies for caravanning enthusiasts, who can take advantage of access to water, electricity and waste disposal sites. Geotermia facilities are open 7 days a week.

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