Brewery Grudziądz

Informacje o obiekcie:

The history of the Grudziądz Brewery dates back to 1850, when it was established on the Fijewo estate. In 1851, it came under the ownership of the Chales de Beaullieu family and became part of the Kunterstein estate. The brewery was expanded and modernized in 1876 as production scaled up to an industrial level. Since then, it was known as the Kuntersztyn Brewery and operated until World War II. In 1960, the Grudziądz Brewery became part of the Bydgoszcz Brewing Plant. Unfortunately, the facility was closed in 2001.

After years of absence, the Grudziądz Brewery has re-entered the Grudziądz market, now located in the Hotel – Restaurant RAD in Grudziądz. To mark this occasion, the previously named Amber Hall has been transformed into a cozy and atmospheric room, filled with the aroma of freshly brewed beer.

The beers are brewed using Austrian equipment from the company SALM, exclusively with natural ingredients from the best Polish and foreign producers.

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