THE FLIS MUSEUM OF VISTULA TRADE – The FLIS Museum of Vistula Trade is a branch of the Rev. Władysław Łęga Museum in Grudziądz. It is located in two historic granaries number 33 and 35 dating from the 16th to the 17th century.

The main idea of the exhibition is to show in the broadest possible historical and cultural aspect, the Vistula route running through Grudziadz as a trade route. At the same time, it is a story about the people and the city that grew up on the banks of the ‘queen of rivers’. The exhibition presents the basic types of vessels, the various goods that were floated down the river, as well as the professions involved in the Vistula trade.

While visiting the Museum of Vistula Trade, one is also introduced to the history of granaries in Grudziadz and the local industry connected with grain processing, the main branches of which were: baking, the production of alcoholic beverages and the manufacture of agricultural machinery.

The exhibition is complemented by bread baking educational workshops – for both individual and group visitors.

Muzeum Handlu Wiślanego Flis
33-35 Spichrzowa Street, 86-300 Grudziądz, tel. +48 56 465-90-63 w. 62

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